Santa Cruz… Raw, wild, unspoiled, immense, impetuous, and overwhelming.

 The breeze, salty and vigorous.

 The foamy waves, wistful and gripping.

 The beaches, wide, unique, clean, and intact.


Amongst cliffs, sand dunes and bare rocks, sprouts a small place called Santa Cruz which, despite guaranteeing all the services necessary for well-being, does not follow the patterns nor agitations of other coastal tourist villages on the Portuguese West Coast. To say the least, Santa Cruz is a unique place, where you simply feel like LIVING… In front of the blue SEA.




...  A restart,

A reencounter.


The 8 rooms and 13 bungalows exist in total respect with Mother Nature. They do not have air conditioning, as we stand for clean air and sea breeze! Creativity, comfort, hospitality, and sustainability will grant you a tranquil, cosy, safe and laid-back stay.


A PURE place that celebrates the Waves, that celebrates the SEA!

For those who seek balance, harmony, and authenticity.

 To resume, regenerate, redo, and repair.

 To meditate, reflect, care, and contemplate.

 Here, the SEA will be your only company.


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Santa Cruz

Wednesday, 29 November 2023

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