Restaurant Noah Surf House

A place that gathers people from all around the globe, each dish is a journey.

With an extended cuisine options, without ever forsake its origins. A familiar laid-back environment which invites CONVERSATIONS and endless LAUGHTERS.

Each dish awakes one’s curiosity and desire to try out. It’s an invitation to embark in a savory journey, with the best view over Santa Cruz.


Avenida do Atlântico, at Noah Surf House Hotel (Santa Cruz, Torres Vedras)

Opening Hours 

Guests: 12:30pm - 10pm

Non-guests: lunch 12:30pm - 3:30pm | dinner 6:30pm - 10pm

About Noah Surf House's Restaurant

Noah Surf House’s Restaurant distinguishes itself for its diversity and incitement to SHARE, and welcomes guests, visitors and local community.

Combines International Cuisine –the genesis of this gastronomic project – with the Portuguese Cuisine and the iconic dishes that, for 7 years, our team offered at Noah Beach House (old Restaurant at Física’s Beach).

Each dish - and the ingredients within - are, whenever possible, supplied by local producers. Most of our fresh fish and sea food comes from the Portuguese west shores. All dishes made with vegetables are supplied by or local vegetable gardens, hence, may vary according with season.

With the best view over Santa Cruz, we offer lunches, dinners, snacks, bar and cocktail services, and you can also enjoy the skate park and trampolines.

It boasts 70 seats on the inside and 30 on the outside. It is also available for events such as group lunches and dinners, meetings, team building actions and weddings.

Made to SHARE amongst FAMILY and FRIENDS.
Various options that satisfy each one’s palates and everyone’s tastes.

+351 962 035 074 (call to national mobile network | available on WhatsApp)

+351 261 936 366 (call to national fixed network)

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Santa Cruz

Wednesday, 29 November 2023

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